Welcome to Marc's Musings. This is mostly a scratch pad for things that do I on a daily basis or come across as I develop. Please take a look at the posts below. Feel free to reach out to me at phrocker@apache.org if you have any questions or you have any ways to improve my methodologies.

All my datums

Apache Accumulo provides prefix encoding via something called "Relative Key Encoding"[1]. This amounts to removing identical portions of consecutive keys. For example if a key begins with '20191104_1' and the next key is '20191104_2' we don't need to store all bytes for the identical prefix. Instead we can store we... [Read More]

Hey Bro...heard you like reptiles

On March 22, 2019 we released Apache NiFi MiNiFi C++ 0.6.0 . This brings a lot of features that I can't begin to cover in a single post [1]. There is one in particular I've been using quite a bit for rapid prototyping: Python processors [1]. We have a simple... [Read More]

Batteries not included.

Managing Resources I’ve been hacking away at a robotic car built with a RaspberryPi. I had no way of monitoring the battery life, so it occurred to me that we need such a mechanism in MiNiFi C++. Configuring MiNiFi C++ for the correct number of threads and timing can be... [Read More]

Visualizing Sensors

Visualizing Temperature and Humidity Sensors to monitor my furnace As I've previously discussed with 'Navigating IoT,' I think that IoT is such a general initialism that we can't fully capture what is possible. One of the primary areas technologists refer to is sensor capture. Unlike most posts that discuss this,... [Read More]